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Karl Leuterio!!

So, when i first started this blog, i remember seeing this fashion company called Gold Dot. I followed their blog because they had some awesome stuff. So every time I log into Tumblr I see some of these awesome statement shoes that they produce. I was thinking the other day “hey, i should totally draw some of these shoes!”

A few weeks ago I got an email from Karl Leuterio on facebook. He was just saying hi and when i checked out his profile, I saw he was a lookbooker that I always see when i’m scrolling through lookbook. Upon further investigation it turns out he actually designs items for Gold Dot! The shoes in this illustration were designed by him! The thing that always sticks out to me about Karl is his face. He has an awesome face and every one of these photos has this attitude that is so specific to him. I’m also a huge fan of androgyny and I love how Karl mixes both men and women’s clothing yet it always has this masculine flair. Karl and Gold Dot have also opened my eyes to the Manilla Fashion scene. Anyways, I’m typing way too much! (as usual).

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