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Lua P!!

I don’t think that I can really say that I have a “favorite” lookbooker persaaay, but Lua P is definitely one of my favorites. She always stands out and updates her looks often. She has this air about her that I can’t really describe. She reminds me of the girl I’d admire in highschool and secretly want to be like (wow it really is 6 am!). She’s just so cool. She’s fashionably badass and that’s just awesome. I also really really really like her hair. D: It’s so prettyyyyy. ❤ She didn’t manage to take full photos of this look so i have no clue what she’s wearing for shoes so I just drew her shoeless. 😀 I have always adored those Tights by River Island.

Anyways, this is actually the SECOND time I’ve drawn her for this blog. I try not to do repeats, but to be honest, there are some drawing in the very BEGINNING of this blog that i’m reallly not too thrilled with (Lua’s being one of them) and on top of that, they’re all people who’s style’s i really adore.

PS: This is also the 34th Lookbook Illust peice. I’m gonna shoot to hit 50 before Xmas! ❤

Dont forget that if you want a drawing I’m still open for commissions! Get someone an Xmas gift!

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