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Oliver Waimea!!


sooooo! Oliver was a really interesting case. When I first saw him on lookbook I knew i wanted to draw him but literally every time I’d sit down to draw him he’d post a new look and i’d be like “D:< I WANT TO DRAW THAT ONE NOW” hahaha. Fortunately one of his more recent looks really factors into the style i’m working with right now soooo I thought I’d give it a go!

I love this look because it’s very…shape-y. I have a thing for coats because they all have very interesting/awesome silhouettes and I found this to be a really cool/interesting one. I also really like those…two rows of buttons (whatever the proper term for that is!) on coats.

I also wanted to draw him because he was very well manicured facial hair and I’m a fan of facial hair. Heisalsoperfectlyhandsome.D: hahahah. Anywho, blabbin too much!

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