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So, I did this painting for my boyfriends family for a christmas present! Before I met my boyfriend I really wasn’t crazy about dogs, but after spending a few weeks at his place and being surrounded by puppies, i’ve developed a love for doggies!! All of his dogs have distinct personalities. ahah. ♥

Kuma is the biggest one and is quintessentially derpy. She’s always don’t such strange derpy things and always has such a vacant look in her eyes while she does it. Coco is probably my favorite, he’s adorable and he almost always looks sad/scared/adorable. He doesn’t like me though. 😦
And Butter is a LADY!! She’s a very picky eater and is always too good for Kuma and Coco’s mess. she and coco are always growling at eachother. ahhaha. ♥

Also, i figured I’d take this time to announce that I’m going to do Pet Commissions soon. I’m looking for two pets to draw for examples for commissions. If you’ve got an adorable pet, shoot me an email with photos and info about your pet! I think i’m going to randomly pick 2 and surprise the people I pick! Let me know.♥

kathrynwilkinsart@gmail.com is my email> 🙂