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Janvie Tiu!

So I’ve been changing up how i browse Lookbook and i recently found out how to turn off the karma filter (also that karma even existed). I’ve ran into a bunch of really cool looks that don’t get seen! That’s how I found Janvie Tiu!

For whatever reason when I first saw this look I was totally taken. Usually I have to do a lot of debating between who i’m going to paint, but for whateve reason Janvie just connected for me. My favorite parts of this look is the green Jeans by Tough and the boots by Bauhaus! He didn’t show it on his lookbook page, but on the website he has this awesome paper gun that i’m assuming came with the jeans. He also has the most fascinating/interesting/awesome face. ❤

Janvie runs an awesome blog that’s mostly surrounding his personal fashion. It’s really well put together! Check it out!

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Also, watch my speedpaint of Janvie!