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Kathryn Wilkins Illustration Commissions

A commission is essentially payment for a specified task. In this case, the specified task is custom illustration! What you’re paying for is my time and my talents. I work very hard to deliver a quality product and my prices are quite modest. I take my work very seriously so I have to politely request that i receive serious inquiries only.


Because of my LookbookIllust blog I get a lot of interest from fashion bloggers who want me to draw their looks. I absolutely LOVE doing this! The illustration above is a commission for Styleblog.ca Founder and Editor, Nelia Belkova. She sent me the photo to the left and a list of slight modifications to her look and I came up with the resulting illustration! I’ve had people send me photos of themselves and outfits that they want me to put them in; those are always fun!

dyl2Here is an illustration of Henar Vicente of OH MY VOGUE. I draw in many different styles. If there’s a specific style you’d like me to draw in please let me know. I’ll just improvise if you don’t specify. The best way to tell me which style you’d like is to look at my blog, LookbookIllust and tell me a specific illustration that caught your fancy!

The price for illustrations like the ones above is $ 25.00

I charge and additional $7.00 if you want to add another person.

This same pricing and illustration style (full body, full color, no background) can be applied to Original Characters

couplesI love making art for couples. I’ve made several anniversary and valentines day gifts for people in the past. A custom illustration of you and your loved one is a unique and one of a kind way of expressing your adoration for your significant other!

The first illustration (two characters, full color,full body, no background) will cost you $32.00

The second illustration (two characters full body, full color, and a background) would cost $40.00


This is the illustration i did for Allison Fischer of A’s Fashion Files and her doggie, Yuri

A drawing like hers (a full pet, a full character, no background) costs $35.00

petsI love painting pets! The second image of the three dogs is an illustration I did for my boyfriend’s family. They absolutely loved it and it’s currently hanging in their house over their piano.

The first image (single pet, full color,no background) would cost $15.00

The second image would ($15.00 per pet, full color,no background) would cost $45.00


Often people approach me to illustrate their own ideas and concepts! Often these are more complicated than what I generally do and require days of time, planning, etc. The first illustration was for upcoming Hip Hop Artist, Dola who sent me a long list of ideas and requirements for the cover of his album. The second illustration was for a friend of mine who wanted to surprise his son with something dinosaur related! The parameters were less complex than Dola’s but just as complicated to execute. They were both very very pleased with what they got in the end.

These illustrations cost $60.00

I’ve tried to edit this info as much as I could. I hope that i’ve made things clearer!

I accept payment via Paypal and I only send final images after payment is confirmed.

My paypal is cuteartsychick19@gmail.com

If you are unfamiliar with paying via paypal, here is a very short and easy to understand tutorial.