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So I gave myself a bit of a challenge the other day. I have been meaning to attempt Mary Blair’s  style for quite some time.  I wanted to completely clear my pallet  so i removed all of my textures and brush presets and created these entirely from scratch. I think only two of these was from a preexisting brush and that is the hard brush and the light blue one at the end. <3.

I’ve spent the past two days taking textures from Mary Blair’s paintings and embedding them into differently shaped brushes to get what you see above. I’m really pleased with these and I can’t wait to use them on an actual piece! I also managed to create Mary Blair swatches as well. I’m so excited. aahhaha I feel accomplished because i’m still very new to making brushes and I think these came out so well. They are all designed to execute different processes and techniques found in Mary Blair’s traditional paintings. 🙂

I’ve been seriously debating whether or not I want to share brushes with people. I’m kinda against it for the most part because it’s so much work but mayhaaaaps? I dunno. I’ll have to think aboot it. ❤