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Zoe S of Girl with the Flower!

So, i’m at the start of a new approach on my LookbookIllust Blog and I thought Zoe would be the most perfect person to use for inspiration for exploring this style!! I have come across Zoe on several occasions and I have always adored her sense of color. She has just THE most perfect eye! It’s almost uncanny to me how well she pairs colors. I don’t say this about very many fashionistas but she is ICONIC. She pushes the envelope and takes risks and it always works; I think that’s what I love the most about her. She makes a lot of very bold decisions and I love people who aren’t afraid of going there! I can’t say this about a lot of people but she is frankly is someone who makes me want to draw ALL of her looks.

She makes these absolutely amazing Head Pieces that are for sale in her Etsy Shop. I love her as an artist as as a DIYer. ❤ She’s definitely one of my to favorte girls on Lookbook!

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