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Heather C of Effiesmakeupbox

So, last night I was finishing up my entry for last week’s Weekly Art Challenge and I was playing with a chalk brush of mine and kinda fell in love. So when i was looking for a new person to draw, i was looking for someone who I thought would lend itself to that process and I came up with Heather C!

To be honest 80 percent of the reason i choose her was because I am absolutely in love with Clueless ahahah! “Clueless” is the title of her look and it instantly sent me into this nostalgic adventure in my head. I went through a short phase where I got a bunch of plaid clueless style blazers so i really identified with this look.

Heather is a DIYer, a blogger and a self-proclaimed Poke-freak. While looking at her blogs and her youtube page I realized that she had a thing for palm trees so I tried to put that into the design of this painting and i think it fit the 90s aesthetic i was attempting to evoke. She has these amazing nail designs that she sells and i love love love love her DIY stuff. Interestingly enough in terms of diversity in her DIY projects she has quite a bit; definitely a Jane of all trades. Her nail art is like…jaw droppingly gorgeous. Like gag me with a spoon!

She was really fun to paint and I love her use of color in this look! Also, Heather C is the perfect name for a clueless/mean girls/heathers character.


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