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Milan Boya of My Schpajz

I’m starting to notice a trend in the looks I choose for this project. It seems i pick either very colorful looks or looks that have a POP of color. When browsing through today’s men on Lookbook, I came upon Milan Boya! I haven’t seen him before but clearly I’ve been missing out!

Milan has a very colorful and sensible style and he makes a great use of pattern and color. His personal fashion blog, My Schpajz, give a very pure and artistic view of his style. I’ve noticed he goes through phases in his styling. Currently he utilizes bright and boldly colored socks as an accent to his already colorful outfits and this is a detail that truly brings the outfit together. His blog is filled with gorgeously posed and composed photos of his photos and I can honestly say that there isn’t a one that i don’t like. He’s one of few lookbookers i’ve illustrated where I could forsee my self wanting to draw every single one of his looks!

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