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Bobby Raffin of Gypsy Sale

So, i recently booked a gig with a french cosmetics company (not sure if I can state the name) and for the gig i had to have a very watercolory feel and used only one color to accent tones etc. I really enjoyed making the piece and I wanted to find a look that lended itself to a more monochromatic pallet. I saw Booby R’s recent post and I thought it really lended itself to what I was trying to do!

Bobby is a very diverse fashionista. I love the different styles he tries on. I was originally going to do an illustration of his hobo chic look, but never got around to it back then. I’ve always appreciated his use of mutted desaturated tones and the occasional pop of color. Truly one of the more diverse male fashionistas on lookbook and I know that is probably what he has to thank for his notable lookbook fame!

http://gypsysale.com/ is his new shop where he sells things that he’s collected. It’s a very interesting collection at that and really gives a look into his eye as a photographer and as a lover of vintage fashion. I’m a huge fan of thrifting and his store is essentially a virtual thrift store. Very awesome.

Oh and my favorite thing about this look is the lapel on the blazer. It’s upside down and I dont think i’ve ever seen that before. Very cool.

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