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Haru in Wonderland of The Agent of Anarchy

I always see Haru’s (I thiiiiiiink that’s her name) looks when i’m browsing for people to draw! This is the first time I’ve actually gotten around to drawing her and I’m quite happy with the outcome!

This look is just chalk full of little details that I adore. First of all, i loooove her koala socks. It’s very subtle but very adorable. I’ve always had a weakness for dyed denim as I used to dye denim all through highschool and I adore the pink denim jacket she’s wearing. Her floral crown is adorable as well. I feel like i haven’t seen very many of those crowns made with folded fabrics-very cool.

As I head beyond the 50th Lookbookillust illustration I am going to put myself up to more challenging tasks and styles! I’m going to start focusing on specific animation styles an trying to emulate them. Sooo what I’d love for any of my followers to do is send me suggestions for styles you’d like to see me attempt! So just send me an ask with a specific show or style that you like. I’m trying to challenge myself! I’m going to be studying the style of Gravity Falls right now. 🙂

Also, I have started to record my illustrations on LiveStream! This is the very first LookbookIllust illustration to have been recorded ENTIRELY on Livestream. You can see it all here. There will be plenty of live stream recorded shows in the future so follow my twitter @KattyWilkins to get updated when i go live! Come in and watch Law and order or possibly kpop music videos with me while i paint. ahaha.

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