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via Tumblr http://lookbookillust.tumblr.com/post/45416876980/leeloo-p-of-dressing-de-leeloo-ive-been-on-a-bit Leeloo P of Dressing De Leeloo

I’ve been on a bit of a Barbie/60s kick recently (if you cant already tell) and when I saw that Leeloo had uploaded this look entitled “barbie girl”, I couldn’t resist choosing this look. haha. I really love the combination of the tshirt as well as the light and airy skirt. For some reason I’ve been really paying attention to the backgrounds/settings recently and I have to say that I love this hotel cafe decor!

I love Leeloo’s eye. She has such a knack for styling and using patterns in a flattering and feminine way. She is very diverse and her outfits are often accented by a gorgeous neck-piece, necklace or collar.

I also choose her because I’ve literally never heard of the name Leeloo (outside of the fifth element) before and i found it fascinating and fun to and also spell out!

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