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via Tumblr http://lookbookillust.tumblr.com/post/51069433130/sophia-mayrhofer-of-a-lifetime-of-memories-today Sophia Mayrhofer of A Lifetime of Memories

Today was a really good day for Lookbook! I logged in and instantly saw this look and fell in love. Probably because I’m really into knee high socks and denim right now. This is a very simple look, but it is quite adorable. I love her Romwe Detachable Collar probably the most of all. I have a slight obsession with collars in my illustrations I’ve noticed. All of the children i’m illustrating for this book have some sort of adorable vintage inspired collar. Also a huge fan of satchel bags in general!

Sophia’s blog, A Lifetime of Memories is truly a breath of fresh air! She takes loads of photos of her travels and they’re all very tender. Each capturing a moment in time that feels almost voyeuristic in nature. Going through her blog you feel like you’re traveling along with her. Not only are her photos very well taken but they’re just very heartfelt and they make you smile. There aren’t many photos of people hamming it up for the camera and I love that quite a bit.

Side Notes::

i must apologize for not making a post last week!! I’m doing this children’s Illustration gig and it’s keeping me very busy. Unfortunately i cannot show any of the work i’m doing for this book (and omg it’s so cute) so my page has been pretty stagnant. However-I thought I’d start doing illustrations in the style of the book I’m working on. 😀 Also, after making a huge announcement about animation, I’m starting to doubt that I’ll be able to keep up with that. So it’ll be animation AND Illustrations. I’ll do them when i can!!

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