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via Tumblr http://lookbookillust.tumblr.com/post/51642502224/lisa-mayhem-of-beautifulmayhemtv-so-funny-story Lisa Mayhem of BeautifulMayhemTV

So, funny story about Lisa Mayhem! Some people who follow this blog may or may not know that I have a youtube page and that i’m soooomewhat popular within certain groups (wow that sounds really arrogant). I try pretty hard to not mix these two virtual worlds. Well one day Lisa commented on my boyfriend tag video and i checked out her youtube page an instantly subscribed. Later while i was combing through Lookbook for people to draw, I saw her! I was absolutely floored. ahhaa. Yay for internet 6 degrees of separation.

Anywho, I love Lisa’s looks! She has a very cool, edgy style that evokes a very ‘witchy’ feeling. She reminds me of Azealia Banks in a very very good way. What I absolutely love the most about this look is how she’s accented a particular shade of blue consistently through her outfit. Her nails and her lipstick match. I’m a huge fan of really creative lipcolors and Lisa is great at working a very light, colorful look that most of us would stray away from but she wears perfectly. I’ve never been much of a fan of jerseys but she really works this jersey! Overall, this is a really great look. my eyes were instantly drawn to it and it was totally fun to illustrate!

Check out her youtube page!

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