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via Tumblr http://lookbookillust.tumblr.com/post/52219742012/charlieo-vandenbergio-so-a-long-time-ago-when-i Charlieo Vandenbergio!

So, a long time ago when I first started this project, Charlieo was one of the first people I attempted to illustration. Unfortunately when i started the project I was a very busy person and the illustration i did of him ended up kinda falling to the back (this has happened to quite a few people that i’ve illustrated but havent posted). The other day i got an email from him telling me how much he liked my work. I was kind of floored honestly. ahahaha. I told him that i had tried to draw him in the past and then he said that he must have been hard to draw because of his hair. hahaha.

I might have gotten a lot of the colors incorrect on this particular illustration. Sometimes when there’s editing on a photo i can’t really tell the true color of a piece of clothing. even though my intuition told me that he’s probably wearing all black I decided that he was definitely wearing purple! Hahaha. Even though i don’t think i did his look or him in a very canon way, i hope he likes it nonetheless. It always makes me kinda giddy when people i’ve been sorta stalking on lookbook randomly message me. hahaa.