NOTE: This posting was edited on May 5th 2013. If you have commissioned me any date before that and prices have been agreed upon the increase in pricing does not apply to you (unless of course you want it to).

The below information is information for PRIVATE ILLUSTRATIONS ONLY. For commercial work (i.e.-you own it, you make money from it, you use it to promote yourself or your brand), i charge hourly. My current rate is $15.00 per hour. I record all of my illustrations to report time faithfully and accurately. 

Kathryn Wilkins Illustration Commissions

A commission is essentially payment for a specified task. In this case, the specified task is custom illustration! What you’re paying for is my time and my talents. I work very hard to deliver a quality product and my prices are quite modest. I take my work very seriously so I have to politely request that i receive serious inquiries only.



I have a lot of different styles and approaches that I use. Before commissioning me, please be aware of this and choose a style. The best way to see my range is to look at my fashion illustration blog, lookbookillust! Contact me with the name of an illustration so i know what you want.



Please send me as many references as humanly possible. If you want for my illustration to be a likeness of you or someone else, it’s very hard to get good impression of what someone looks like from one or two pictures. So please send me plenty so I know how to properly illustrate you. dyl


Also note how i have translated likenesses in the past before commissioning me. Again, a great way of seeing this in action is on my site LookbookIllust


(note: I have recently adjusted my pricing as the flow of commissions i’ve gotten has put things into perspective for me. So prices have increased slightly.)

Single Person: $25.00Banner2

Two people ($15.00 per additional person): $40


One person one pet ($15.00 per pet): $40.00


Single pet $15.00


Complex Backgrounds: $20 (note: Just background)3

Simplistic/Minimal Background: $5.0015

Cutesy Boarder: $10.00jabariwithotext

If you are still unsure about the pricing, feel free to shoot me an email and I’ll calculate it for you! If you have an idea that isn’t covered here, then feel free to email me about that as well! My email is

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please let me know what croping you’d like. Let me know if you’d like, for instance, a full body, half body, face etc. The prices do not change depending on the composition as the same amount of time and effort is put into a half body as there is on a full body


I accept payment via Paypal and I only send final images after payment is confirmed. I prefer for you to send me payment after i have finished the image and before i send you your illustration. 

My paypal is

I prefer to recieve payment in the way demonstrated here as it doesn’t take out money from it.


If i have completed a full illustration for you and for whatever reason you are not completely satisfied with the illustration, I do not issue full refunds. I am willing to work out minor kinks here and there, but I will not create additional or new paintings to replace the ones i’ve already made without being paid for an additional painting.

If you are very particular about your commission and how it looks let me know a head of time and I will try to send you progress sketches. But keep in mind that the sketch will not necessarily reflect the final result.. I find that I work better without sending progress sketches but I’m more than willing to do that if you are particular with how it looks.

Contact me at if you’re interested in commissioning me!

14 thoughts on “Commissions”

  1. karla castillo said:

    How much time does it take you to have an illustration ready? and what’s the size of the illustration? I would like to request a couple w/background illustration. Thanks!

    • Hey Karla! Generally takes me about a day or so to get something finished. Right now I’m a little swamped with Valentines day commissions. I’m trying to get them done by the end of this week. Email me on monday at if you’re still interested. I try to be very prompt. I’m very interested but i’m a little busy so let me know!

  2. Wonderful work !! I love it 😀

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